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Meditation - Richard - 01-30-2014

A little post about meditation.

If you want to go deep inside your self and examine the mind, your thoughts and feelings, your reasons and where they come from and why, meditation is the way to go.

There is a lot of ways to practise meditation where you meditate on something by keeping an issue or a feeling in your mind. I will categorize this as self development. It can be very useful if you are stuck somewhere in the process. Likewise therapy can be helpful along the way to provide some kind of inner climate that makes meditation more successful.

It is better to meditate 15 minutes a day than 1 hour every fourth day and you can use music to help you relax. Make yourself comfortable on a chair or a pillow somewhere in you house where it feels good and use this place every time. Stop all the noises you can find. The refrigerator and the radiators. Let some fresh air in and close the windows. Turn of the phone. Just to mention a few things.

Sit down and concentrate on your breathing a little. Then let your awareness go to every part of your body. One part at a time and ending with awareness in all the body. Use a few minutes. Relax. Be aware of your heart and feel this for a moment.

The tricky part is that you can''t force the mind to be quiet. The harder you try the worse it gets. We have to accept the fact that the mind is working and this is a habit that is millions of years old. We cant change it over night. So we have to take another approach. It is simple. So simple that it actually makes it a little difficult.

Watch your thoughts. Let them come into the mind and let them go without interfering. If emotions arise do the same. Let them come and let them go. It is ok to let thoughts come in through your front door. Just dont invite them to tea! Let them go out the backdoor. Still watching.

And then you suddenly notice that you have ''fallen back'' in thoughts. When you notice that you are not watching but thinking you just let go of the thoughts and go back to watching. Again and again.

Eventually you will notice that sometimes there is more silent than other times. Stress and coffee makes a lot of noise in the mind and the mind is just going up and down all by it self. If there are thoughts - watch the thoughts. If there is silence - watch the silence.

At the end of the meditation imagine that everything that you got from the meditation leaves you and goes out to other human beings that needs healing. Give it away all of it and become part of a bigger flow For the advanced practitioner: The moment you notice that you are thinking is the moment you wake up a little more. Be aware of this moment in this moment.More information: search YouTube for Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti and Leonard Jacobson