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Grrrrrrrr!!!! - ImIdle - 01-23-2014

Why the fusk am I always ending up being her friend. I try and I try and I try but I can't make it happen. I could really use some good advice...

RE: Grrrrrrrr!!!! - Online - 01-30-2014

You are completely right! YOU are the one to make it happen. You have to be the man!!!

RE: Grrrrrrrr!!!! - Alexei - 01-30-2014

Thats true. You have to take action and ESCALATE. Keep escalating & more kino. Very often she is just waiting for you to do the right thing. It''s not her job to do it. Somewhere you are probably afraid of what might happen if you screw up or worse: if she says NO! This fear is best elliminated by just doing it anyway and if she says no she probably means no - not yet! There is only 1 (ONE) way and that is: Go for it man! (or get stuck in the friendzone thread!)

Last year I got a great program called Friend to GirlFriend. I can''t remember who made it, but a lot of people were involved.